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Over time all vehicles are going to suffer from wear and tear and mechanical breakdown. Even new cars are not immune. Some minor issues you might be able to fix yourself, but for most mechanical and engine problems, you’ll require the services of an experienced auto mechanic.

In this post we’ll be looking out for some common signs and symptoms that your car may need some mechanical TLC.

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Noticeable Oil and Fluid Leaks

Now this may or may not be critical as just about all vehicles will leak a few drops of oil or other fluids from time to time and they still run fine. However, it is a signal that not everything is perfect.

If your car or 4x4 starts leaking a lot of oil, transmission fluid, coolant from the radiator or any other kind of leak that appears to be more serious, don’t delay in taking your car to the mechanic to have it looked at. Fixing that leak now can save a major mechanical repair job later.


Your Car Simply Won’t Start

There can be a number of reasons why your car won’t start, with the most obvious and likely culprit being a flat battery. Maybe the battery is just old, or the alternator may not be charging it up. Another common cause is a failing starter motor. Apart from these two likely causes, there can be other reasons why your vehicle is refusing to fire up.

If your car won’t start, then you’ll have no real choice than to tow it to your local mechanic to get to the bottom of the problem.


Monitor Your Dashboard Lights

As drivers we should always be monitoring the indicator lights present on our vehicle’s dashboard. These lights are designed as an early warning sign that something is not quite right. These lights will let you know if your oil pressure is low, battery issues, possible engine problems and so on.

The time to see your mechanic is when you notice one of these lights coming on every time you start your car. It’s best to get the problem looked at before a major breakdown occurs.


Your Car Is Over-Heating

Now this could just be a simple case of the coolant levels in the radiator or reservoir tank being too low, or your engine running hot because the oil levels need topping up. If either of these solve the problem, then great, but if they don’t, or the levels of coolant and oil are fine, book your car in for an immediate inspection to source and solve the over-heating issue.


Strange Sounds In the Engine Bay

A number of different issues could create unusual sounds coming from your vehicle’s engine bay. Maybe something has come loose and simply needs tightening. A more serious issue would be a problem inside the engine itself. Never ignore any odd sounds your vehicle is making, whether they are originating from the engine bay, or anywhere else on or under your car.


Smoke or Steam Under the Bonnet

In the case of steam, your radiator is either over-heating, or you’ve burst a radiator hose or heater hose, or possibly even a manifold gasket.

Smoke emanating from under the bonnet, or excessive smoke pouring out of your exhaust could indicate a more major engine problem.

Never ignore any steam or smoke issues. Get your car looked at ASAP.


Your Vehicle Is Running Rough

Once again, there are numerous reasons why your car could be running rough. It could be a fuel issue or electrical. Nailing down the cause of the problem will also be dependent on your make and model of car and how old it is.

With an older vehicle it might be a problem with the spark plugs or leads. A newer model car might be having issues with its fuel injection system.

Your car needs to be taken into the mechanics where diagnostics can be run to source the problem and initiate a solution.


The Vehicle Keeps Stalling

This is a problem that mostly occurs at idle. You pull up at a red light, and instead of your vehicle calmly idling away, waiting for you to hit the accelerator, it simply stutters and dies. You find yourself having to keep restarting, or somehow giving the accelerator some extra revs while waiting, to stop the engine from dying.

Only your trained motor mechanic will likely know what the problem is and get it sorted. A stalling engine is not only a nuisance, it can be dangerous too.


Excessive Foul Odours

Car engines and exhaust systems are never going to smell like Chanel or Gucci perfume, but you will notice if there are excessive odours or overpowering bad smells. These could be coming from the engine area, the exhaust, or even seeping into the vehicle’s cabin area.

Excessive odours like these are an indicator that something is awry, so don’t take any chances with your safety or health. There is even more at stake here than just your car. Have the vehicle looked at as soon as possible.


Your Car Is Slow and Sluggish

For some reason you’re struggling to get your car up to speed when merging onto a busy motorway. Even accelerating away from traffic lights feels like a real struggle, like you’re towing an imaginary heavy load.

Once more there could be numerous causes of a vehicle underperforming when it comes to power. It could be an issue with your car’s transmission, or even a fuel problem.

Don’t put up with a slow and sluggish car. It needs urgent attention from your trusted auto technician to get it back to peak fitness and performance.


See Burnside Motors for All Your General Mechanical Needs

In this post we’ve covered just a few common signs your vehicle needs to see a mechanic. There are likely many more.

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