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dirty intank fuel filter

Customers concern 

The customer Hyundai I30 was stopping, running rough and difficult for the customer to drive.  The customer is in a wheelchair and his vehicle running well for his requirements is additionally important to allow his mobility.  The client was able to leave the vehicle with us for some time to diagnose the issues.

signs you need a wheel alignment

Unless you do all your driving on brand new highways, your car will encounter rough and bumpy road conditions on a regular basis. Not only does this create excess wear and tear on your tyres and suspension in general, it’ll also affect the alignment of your wheels.

No dash lights are going to come on telling you your car is suffering from misaligned wheels, so in this post we’ll look at some common signs your car is in need of a wheel alignment.

general mechanical

Knowing if your car needs it mechanical service or not is not something everyone knows.  Getting your car serviced for some can seem like a bit of a chore or inconvenience.  The inconvenience of having your car off the road or a water pump and timing belt failure can be costly and mostly preventable.  Burnside Motors has a few top tips to assist in the decision of if the time is right to service or not to service your car.  

Keep it simple, look up

The easiest wat to see if your service is due is to look up.  A basic service sticker will give you two indicators of when your service is due. Burnside Motors service stickers indicate a month and a km schedule.  To tell if your service is due to check your calendar or odometer whatever one comes first is when your next service is due.  Here is why this is important:

Over time all vehicles are going to suffer from wear and tear and mechanical breakdown. Even new cars are not immune. Some minor issues you might be able to fix yourself, but for most mechanical and engine problems, you’ll require the services of an experienced auto mechanic.

In this post we’ll be looking out for some common signs and symptoms that your car may need some mechanical TLC.

Check out the article: 

Pre Filter Kit New 800x800 800x600


It’s easy to think that fuel contamination is something that happens “in the bush” but this is simply not true! Did you know that 72% of all diesel fuel injection system failures are caused by water and fuel lubricity problems? Direction Plus™ Fuel Manager Pre-Filter Kits protect late model common rail diesel engines against costly injector failure.

Installing a Direction Plus™ Fuel Manager Pre-filter kit between the fuel tank and the O.E.M fuel filter will remove the majority of water and particle contamination. This leaves the O.E.M fuel filter to do the final and finer filtration. This ensures you are maximising the protection of your diesel fuel system.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive – a regular car, van, performance vehicle or 4x4 – the suspension system needs to be performing at its optimum level to achieve the ultimate in driving comfort, performance and, most importantly, safety.

A damaged or failing suspension system will have a detrimental affect on the three key points mentioned above, and if left unattended, could endanger the safety of everyone who rides in the vehicle.

Tow Bars

Purchased yourself a brand new car or 4wd ready to hook up the trailer for a run to the rubbish tip or hook the camper trailer on for the first expedition and, oh no a towbar is not a factory feature of your vehicle.  Burnside Motors here in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, receive phone calls similar to this daily.  You would expect that for a couple of hundred dollars you could pop any old towbar and be ready to tow in the space of minutes. 

Unfortunately these days things are not that simple and there are some big differences in brands and types of tow bars.

exhaust repair nambour

Whether it’s a regular exhaust system or performance exhaust, sedan or your beloved 4x4 vehicle, your exhaust will only perform as well as its maintenance and upkeep.

Damaged and failing exhaust systems will affect your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy and the sound or tone of your 4x4 or car.

Let’s take a look at some common indicators for damaged or failing exhausts. If your vehicle is suffering from any of these symptoms, then bring it into Burnside Motors on the Sunshine Coast so our experts can take a look at it.

Read more about our exhaust and muffler services.

4x4 Suspension Kit

4x4 vehicles require a specialist kind of suspension that’s a little different from that of a regular passenger vehicle. Often 4x4 suspension will come in a kit, and the right kit will depend on the requirements of the vehicle and the vehicle’s owner.