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No matter what type of vehicle you drive – a regular car, van, performance vehicle or 4x4 – the suspension system needs to be performing at its optimum level to achieve the ultimate in driving comfort, performance and, most importantly, safety.

A damaged or failing suspension system will have a detrimental affect on the three key points mentioned above, and if left unattended, could endanger the safety of everyone who rides in the vehicle.


Let’s now take a look at some common symptoms of a damaged or failing suspension system. Don’t delay if your vehicle suffers from any of these. Bring it into Burnside Motors and have our suspension experts conduct a thorough examination. 


You Feel Every Bump In the Road

Good suspension is designed to give the driver and passengers a comfortable and smooth ride. If you’re feeling every single bump in the road and the vehicle keeps bouncing up and down, then this is a sure sign that your suspension is suffering and either needs adjustment, repair, or total replacement.

Car Is Pulling Left Or Right

While there can be numerous reasons why your car is pulling to the left or right when driving – such as uneven tyre pressure for example – is can also be one of the most common symptoms of a suspension issue. If you find yourself constantly fighting the steering wheel to keep your vehicle going in the right direction, bring it into the experts at Burnside Motors for inspection and accurate diagnosis of the problem.

Your Vehicle Looks Like It’s Sagging

If you are looking at your car from front on, maybe it seems to be sitting lower on one side compared to the other. It could be the same with side on viewing or looking at it from the rear. Maybe the entire car looks like it’s riding lower than it should. This is a sure sign your vehicle’s suspension system has seen better days and likely needs replacing.

Is This a Car Or a Boat?

Never should riding in a car feel like you’re cresting over ocean swells and dropping into deep troughs. That’s common in a boat, but not for a road bound vehicle. For example, you slowly go over a speed bump, but instead of the suspension smoothing things out immediately after passing, your car bobs and sways for ten metres down the road. This is not normal behaviour, so you really need to get your suspension system looked at.

Vehicle Takes a Nose Dive When Breaking

If you need to break hard, then it’s natural the car will nose dive a little from the sudden transference of energy to the front. Under normal braking conditions however, your vehicle should not be nose diving every time you apply the brakes. Your suspension is surely having problems.

Vehicle Feels Like It’s Rolling Around Corners/Bends

In everyday driving conditions, does it feel like your car is rolling from side to side when taking corners or manoeuvring around bends? If so, take note. This is not normal behaviour and can prove to be quite dangerous at higher speeds. Get the team at Burnside Motors to take a look at your vehicle ASAP.

Your Car Leans Backwards When Accelerating

You put your foot on the accelerator and take off from the traffic lights, but instead of your car smoothly accelerating, it tends to lean back on its suspension and kind of squat on take off. Once again, this is a fairly common indication your suspension system is not performing at an optimum level and definitely needs some maintenance.

Constant Steering Wheel Adjusting

Having to make constant small adjustments to the steering wheel during normal driving can be an indication of quite a number of problems. The same can be said if you feel like you’re having to fight the steering wheel as your travel. One of those issues could be a failing suspension. This is not a problem that should be put off, as it could end up being quite dangerous. Bring your vehicle in an we’ll quickly diagnose the problem and offer the right solution.

Your Car Creaks and Groans

The older a vehicle is, the more sounds it’s likely to make. However, a car that regularly makes creaking and groaning sounds while driving, cornering or bouncing over bumps very likely has an old and worn suspension system that needs a complete overhaul. You don’t want a car that sounds like a mobile haunted house. Have it looked at to rectify the problem.

Your Car Feels Like It’s Drifting

This can occur at low or high speeds, from going around bends to riding over bumpy ground. We mentioned pulling left or right earlier, but sometimes a car will feel like it’s skating or drifting across the road surface because some of the tyres are failing to find traction due to uneven suspension. This can prove to be high risk when driving at greater speeds, so don’t delay in having this problem fixed.

Are Your Tyres Wearing Unevenly?

Again this is another indicator there is some form of suspension issue going on. As there can be numerous causes for uneven tyre wear and degradation, it takes an experienced professional to accurately diagnose the cause and put a solution in place to correct it. Uneven tyre wear can create a very uncomfortable ride, cause safety issues and cost money in premature tyre replacement.

“Oily” Shock Absorbers

Take a peek under your vehicle and see if the shock absorbers look greasy or oily. If they do, then it’s likely there is a leak and that important dampening fluid is seeping out. If this is the case your suspension system will not be able to do its job properly and will likely need replacing.

Burnside Motors – Your Local Suspension Specialists On the Sunshine Coast

Never take chances with a failing or faulty suspension system, no matter whether your drive a regular car or a 4x4. If you notice any of the above conditions, call into Burnside Motors. We’ll inspect it and advise you on the appropriate solution for the right price.