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Imagine a suspension system that effortlessly adapts to your changing needs, providing optimal comfort, stability, and control. At Burnside Motors, we're excited to introduce your to the revolutionary world of Air Bag Man suspension air bags. Designed to transform your driving experience, these cutting-edge air bags are set to redefine your vehicle's capabilities, ensuring a ride like no other. Join us as we explore the remarkable features, benefits, and installation process of air bag man suspension air bags, brought to your by Burnside Motors.


The Marvels of Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags: Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags are advanced components that compliment traditional coil or leaf springs in a vehicle's suspension system. They are specifically designed to provide superior load support, enhanced stability, and an adjustable ride height.

These air bags are constructed from durable rubber, reinforced with sturdy materials to withstand the demands of various applications. They work in conjunction with an air compressor, valves, and air lines to provide precise air pressure control and customisation.

Air Bags for Coiled Suspension or Leaf Springs: The difference between air bags for coiled suspension and leaf springs lies in their installation and function.

For vehicles equipped with coil springs, Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags are mounted between the chassis and the axle, providing adjustable load support and ride height. By adjusting the air pressure in the bags, the coil suspension can be fine-tuned to handle heavy loads, towing, or varying road conditions with ease.

On the other hand, for vehicles equipped with leaf springs, Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags are installed within the existing leaf spring stack. This configuration offers additional load-carrying capacity and enables precise weight distribution adjustments, ultimately enhancing stability and handling.

Unveiling the Benefits of Air Bag Suspension: Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags are a popular choice for a multitude of reasons, each accompanied by unique benefits that significantly enhance the overall driving experience:

a) Load Support: Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags provide exceptional load-carrying capacity, allowing vehicles to handle heavy payloads with ease. By preventing sagging and maintaining proper ride height, they ensure optimal weight distribution and stability.

b) Adjustable Ride Height: With the ability to adjust the air pressure in the air bags, drivers can customise the ride height according to their preferences or specific driving conditions. This feature proves particularly useful when traversing challenging terrain or encountering height restrictions.

c) Improved Ride Comfort: Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags deliver a smoother and more comfortable ride by effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations. The adjustable nature of air bags allows for precise tuning, providing a tailored driving experience that minimises the impact of rough roads.

d) Enhanced Towing Capability: When towing heavy trailers or hauling loads, Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags provide vital support. They help maintain a level ride height, preventing rear-end sag and ensuring consistent handling and braking performance.

e) Increased Stability and Control: By bolstering the vehicle's suspension system, Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags improve stability, handling, and control. They minimise body roll, enhance steering responsiveness, and reduce the risk of swaying or bouncing, particularly when encountering uneven surfaces or crosswinds.

Installing Air Bag Man Air Bags in Coil and Leaf Suspension: Installing Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags in coil and leaf suspension systems requires professional expertise and precision. At Burnside Motors, our experienced technicians specialise in the seamless installation of Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags for optimal performance and longevity.

In coil suspension installations, the air bags are mounted between the chassis and the axle, securely fastened to ensure proper alignment. Leaf suspension installations involve integrating the air bags within the leaf spring stack, with careful consideration given to maintaining the integrity of the suspension system.

Our dedicated team at Burnside Motors understands the intricacies of air bag installation, ensuring precise fitment and alignment to unleash the full potential of your vehicle's suspension.

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At Burnside Motors, we are passionate about transforming your driving experience with the remarkable Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags. With their load support capabilities, adjustable ride height, and unparalleled comfort, these air bags have the power to redefine your vehicle's capabilities and cater to your specific needs. Trust us to install and optimise the performance of Air Bag Man Suspension Air Bags, ensuring your ride embodies the perfect balance of control, stability, and luxury. Elevate your journey with Burnside Motors and unlock the true potential of your suspension system.