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Unless you do all your driving on brand new highways, your car will encounter rough and bumpy road conditions on a regular basis. Not only does this create excess wear and tear on your tyres and suspension in general, it’ll also affect the alignment of your wheels.

No dash lights are going to come on telling you your car is suffering from misaligned wheels, so in this post we’ll look at some common signs your car is in need of a wheel alignment.

signs you need a wheel alignment

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Your Front Tyres Are Wearing Unevenly

You should regularly check under the bonnet of your car, and you should also do a regular tyre check as well. If you notice one front tyre is more worn down than the other, or there is more wear on one side of the tyre, this is a pretty sure sign your wheels are indeed out of alignment and need adjustment by a professional.

Bald tyres and uneven tyre wear are a hazard and not something you want to put off rectifying. It’s definitely time for a wheel alignment.


Your Vehicle Pulls To the Left Or the Right

Along with uneven tyre wear, this is probably one of the most common symptoms of misaligned front wheels.

You’re driving along and feel the need to constantly correct your trajectory because your car tends to want to go left or right rather than straight.

Obviously this is not a good scenario from a safety standpoint, and it’s also just plain annoying having the wrestle with the steering wheel non stop.

If your vehicle is pulling either left or right, book it in for a check up and a wheel alignment.


The Tyres Are Squealing

Not really the sound you’re going for when driving, but if you discover your tyres seem to be crying out in pain, it’s a sure sign that something is out of kilter.

Unless you’re driving on some unusual surface, tyres that are nice and flat on the road won’t squeal.

If your vehicle’s tyres are screaming for mercy, take it into the car doctor and have the wheel alignment checked and rectified.


A Crooked Steering Wheel

Your car’s steering wheel should look like it’s pointing dead ahead when you are travelling in a straight line. If it’s indeed off centre, that’s an indication that the alignment of the vehicle’s wheels is off.


How You Can Help Avoid Alignment Issues

Carrying around too much weight in the car on a constant basis can definitely put a load on the entire vehicle. Excess weight lowers the chassis height. Too much weight on one side is sure to eventually cause alignment problems.

Always maintain correct air pressure in the tyres as well. This helps keep your wheels aligned, ensures even tyre wear and also makes for a smoother and safer ride.

Another important tip: Just drive normally.


The Takeaway

If you detect any signs that your vehicle is suffering from an alignment problem, book it in to be checked out by a professional without delay.

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