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Burnside Motors proudly services the greater Sunshine Coast region from our Nambour based location. We are your number one local choice for expert service, advice, shock absorber repair and installation of leading suspension products for your passenger vehicle, performance vehicles and especially 4x4 vehicles.

We really are your one stop shop for all thing’s suspension.

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A vehicle’s suspension system isn’t just about providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Most importantly it’s about safety and handling. Quality suspension keeps those tyres in contact with the road. It ensures your brakes, steering and traction are as effective as they’re meant to be.
In the industry there is something known as the “Safety Triangle”:

  1. Stopping
  2. Steering
  3.  Stability

Your brakes, tyres and shock absorbers need to work together at maximum efficiency to ensure your vehicle performs and handles safely.
Shoddy, worn or improperly tuned shock absorbers will have an adverse affect on how your vehicle handles, corners, brakes and steers. Really poor suspension can feel more like you’re riding in a boat than driving a car.



Our suspension packages help you to get the very best from your 4wd vehicle. We are specialists in the following packages:

  • 4x4 suspension kits
  • Air suspension
  • Lift kits
  • Specialised wheel alignment

4x4 Suspension Kits

Driving conditions in Australia can be harsh at times. Add to that a vehicle that might be heavily loaded with both people and equipment and you require a specialised solution to suit your individual needs. That’s where 4x4 suspension lift kits really come into their own, enabling you to achieve the ground clearance you need no matter what your driving situation.

We supply and fit some of the best brands in 4x4 suspension kits, including Monroe and Superpro, guaranteeing you optimum results when it comes to comfort, handling and safety. Specialist 4x4 suspension can increase towing and load capacity as well as improving the overall aesthetics of your vehicle. Whether you’re cruising the highways or going off road, you’ll have complete peace of mind with suspension kits and lift kits fitted by Burnside Motors.

Air Suspension

Air suspension systems allow you to inflate or deflate your suspension according to your requirements. It can be applied to both coil sprung vehicles and leaf sprung vehicles. It can also assist with decreased tyre abrasion, more even brake wear and improved handling and steering. We have a good range of options for air control kits as well, giving you all the flexibility you need. Talk to us about a tailored solution for your 4x4 vehicle.

Specialised Wheel Alignment

When fitted with a specialised 4x4 suspension kit, your vehicle also requires a specialised wheel alignment tailored to your particular suspension design. At Burnside Motors our team of expert technicians perform accurate and meticulous wheel alignments for all 4 wheel drive vehicles. Without proper wheel alignment your car will suffer uneven tyre wear and depreciating handling and performance. Talk to us today about wheel alignment for your 4x4.



Whether you own a Jeep, Landcruiser, Hilux, Navarra, Patrol, Mazda BT50, Prado, Ranger, Triton, Rodeo or any other popular 4x4, we’ll give you the very best suspension advice, and the right solution for the right price.

Having a good quality suspension system installed in your vehicle is just one part of the overall solution. It also needs to be properly tuned and refined as well.
When properly tuned, the steering and suspension of your vehicle should:

  • Provide an enhanced, smoother ride for maximum comfort
  • Transfer the load easily when towing and hauling
  • Provide better entry and exit angles
  • Deliver longer tyre life, even wear and better use of tyre design
  • Provide driver stability, handling and traction in all conditions
  • Lessen driver fatigue and passenger fatigue

As you can see from the list above, suspension that is properly tuned plays a pivotal role in many facets of your vehicle’s handling, performance, safety, and driver and passenger comfort.



Did you know that just one worn shock absorber can increase your vehicle’s stopping distance by up to 2.6 metres?

This can literally be the distance between life and death in the unfortunate event of an accident. Being so critical, it’s imperative that you be aware of and watch out for any tell tale signs of worn suspension components. These include things like:

  •  Your vehicle's nose dips forward when braking
  • Shock absorbers start to leak oil 
  • Uneven or excessive tyre tread wear
  • Your vehicle tends to handle poorly around corners
  • Squeaking and clunking sounds when going over bumps
  • Bouncy or floaty ride (like a boat)
  • Excessive body roll when cornering
  • Unbalanced and uneven ride height
  • Steering feels unusual or poor

If you detect one or more of the above symptoms, bring your 4x4 into Burnside Motors for shock absorber repairs or replacement ASAP.



Burnside Motors has been your local and trusted suspension repair specialists for many years. We perform shock absorber repairs and suspension system repairs on all makes and models of vehicles, but specialise in the 4x4 market as well.

We’ve already determined just how important it is to have your vehicle equipped with a quality and well maintained suspension system, whether it’s a 4x4 vehicle or not. Suspension not only ensures a comfortable and smooth ride, but plays a pivotal role in overall safety.

Things like excessive body roll when going around bends or cornering can make for a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ride. The same applies to increased braking distance and poor stopping power due to a suspension system in need of shock absorber repairs.

We only use and recommend the very best parts and components, professionally installed by our team of highly trained and experienced experts. That’s why our company has built up a very positive reputation within the Sunshine Coast community.

The cost of repairs will depend on exactly what needs repairing or replacing. This can only truly be determined once we’ve had a chance to inspect the vehicle and work out a solution. However, you can be assured that we always strive to offer the best prices for our valued customers.

If your vehicle is suffering any of the symptoms that point to suspension problems, don’t just let it go thinking everything will be okay. Bring your car into our workshop and let us take a look at it. You really don’t want to take any chances with your safety, or the well being of your passengers.



It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle or 4x4 is exhibiting signs of suspension problems or worn shock absorbers or not, it’s a wise idea to book it in for a periodic inspection to ascertain all is working well.

Our mechanics will perform a thorough examination and detail the results, including listing any necessary repairs or replacements that need to be carried out. All components of the suspension system will be checked.

Your car will also be taken for a road test to determine how it handles, and if there are any tall tale sounds indicating a suspension issue.
Additional examinations of the tyres will also be performed to check for uneven tread wear, which can also be a key indicator of a suspension system that’s not performing at its optimum level.



An integral part of the Burnside Motors suspension services is suspension system upgrades. Maybe the current suspension on your car or 4x4 vehicle just isn’t adequate for your unique requirements and you would like to upgrade to a system that better suits your needs.
Our friendly and knowledgeable team can advise you on the right system for you, quote you on a competitive price for the system and the installation, and have your brand new upgraded suspension system ready to go in quick time, having you back on the road where your vehicle belongs.

suspension specialists sunshine coast

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Shock Absorbers
Shock absorbers are the components that provide the vital friction needed to control and dampen the vehicle’s springs. Their real name should be called “dampers”. This would be a more apt and accurate name, since it’s the actual springs that absorb road 4x4 shocks, while the 4x4 shock absorbers dampen the spring action.
Essentially there are 3 types of spring when it comes to suspension systems: Coil, Leaf & Torsion Bar. The function of the 3 is to absorb the shocks experienced while driving either on road or off. It’s important that your springs are checked as part of a regular suspension check. Just as important is having the correct springs fitted when it comes to time to replace them. Springs are available in standard height, low, and super low variations, plus raised applications for 4x4’s.
There are also some other key components to a suspension system, including: Ball joints, tie rod ends and the suspension bushes. It is just as important to have all the individual components of your suspension checked regularly, including the bushes and related components.