General Mechanical

Vehicle servicing, maintenance and general repairs.

If you want a reliable and safe car that performs well, it’s important to look after it through regular servicing. Missing a car service to save money can be a false economy and could cost you more in the long term, as minor problems left unfixed can lead to major repairs. At Burnside Motors we aim to educate our customers about the condition of the vehicles they are driving to ensure the safety of the customers and their family members, friends and other road users. We have a policy to only replace what has to be replaced and to keep customer informed about repairs that are due or items that are unsafe.

We are passionate about providing genuine customer care by going out of our way to treat every customer as if they where family, offering, honouring and delivering to our customers the most professional services with respect and courtesy at all times. We ensure our loyalty to our customers by giving our team opportunities to all available training in our industry. 

We offer our customers high quality servicing including:

  • Vehicle logbook servicing
  • Pre purchase vehicle inspections
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Vehicle electronic diagnostics
  • Authorised QLD safety certificate inspections
  • Vehicle fault light diagnostics
  • Vehicle brake repairs
  • Vehicle brake repairs
  • Vehicle clutch repairs
  • Suspension repairs & upgrades
  • Wheel alignments
  • Exhaust repairs and upgrades for 2wd/4wd
  • Radiator and cooling system repairs

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Burnside Motors opened in 1976 and has been owner operated by Peter Williams since 2003. Peter and long time staff member Mal James have both been working in the automotive industry since the 1980's and bring you expertise in exhausts/suspension and general mechanical repairs. Burnside Motors is a locally owned business, and has been looking after a long list of local families vehicles, for many years. In fact they now look after the children's vehicles of those families. Why not join the Burnside family and get YOUR vehicle serviced by the experts?


The safety of you and your passengers revolves around three main factors, Tyres, Suspension & Brakes. All equally important for obvious reasons. Don’t wait for your brakes to grind, squeal, vibrate or pull to one side before taking action. Give us a call for a brake safety check. We will assess your brake system, & run through any repairs or maintenance required.
There are a number of components in a brake system that need regular checking. The most obvious are the brake pads, or in the case of brake drum assemblies the brake shoes. Next are the rotors, or drums. Not only do the rotors wear, they can also lose their shape. Rotors can be machined to save money provided we maintain the correct tolerances.
Other brake components are the Wheel Cylinders, Master Cylinder, Brake Hoses and Brake Calipers. Not only can we check these parts, Burnside Motors can diagnose problem components and repair or replace them as necessary. Finally there’s the brake fluid which should be flushed and replaced every 2 years for optimum braking performance.

Regular safety checks and professional maintenance of your brake system are essential.

What Our Clients Say

  • We have been the happy customers of Burnside Motors since 2006, and cannot speak highly enough regarding the professionalism and attention to detail that Peter and Mal have consistently shown in the care of our vehicles. The detailing of any work carried out is meticulous, with any questions answered patiently and clearly, and any future work anticipated in a timely fashion. Peert and Mal's gentlemanly courtesy, politeness, and helpfulness is at all times exemplary. They and their staff are unfailingly considerate, which we have increasingly appreciated the older we become. We count ourselves fortunate in knowing Peter and Mal, and wish them continued success and many more happy customers.
    Brian and Pauline Coes Creek
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No Nasty Surprises!

Have you ever had a nasty "surprise" when you went to pay for a repairs to your car?

We see customers too often who tell us that their previous repairer gave them bills for work they did not know about or did not authorise. We know what a shock this is, particularly if you had not budgeted for the extra cost. We will not do any extra work on your car beyond what you have authorised us to do. If we do feel that something else needs to be repaired urgently, we will inform you first, and give you a quote for the work. We will not proceed until we have your approval. We don't believe in "surprises".

Burnside motors doesn't do “service packages” like other repairers. We thoroughly inspect your vehicle first, contact you the owner with estimates before any work comences, and only with your authorisation can we continue.

  • Redback
  • Monroe
  • Koni
  • SuperPro
  • Red back
  • Lukey
  • X Force
  • King Springs
  • Formula
  • Bilstein
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